RLT Training

Explore our range of short online courses directly from Terry Real on the Relational Life Therapy (RLT) model and specific aspects of couples therapy to enhance your work. 

RLT Core Curriculum

Establish a solid understanding of RLT theory and techniques with our three core courses which build on each other. 

RLT Level 1

5 Modules

Learn how to use RLT data-gathering and diagnostic tools to get to the root of the problem in couples therapy and begin the path to reconnection. 

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RLT Level 2

5 Modules

Building on your knowledge from RLT Level 1, this course helps you move beyond the initial stages and explores RLT’s unique approach to inner child work.

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RLT Level 3

5 Modules

After completing Levels 1 and 2, this training introduces you to the cultural context and spiritual dimensions of RLT. You’ll cement your understanding of RLT stances and teaching relational skills.

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Special Topic Courses

Take your understanding of specific aspects of RLT and couples therapy to a deeper level with our ever-growing library courses on special topics. 

The Relational Brain

5 Modules

Discover how neurobiology is applied to the core of Relational Life Therapy themes: the Wise Adult, the Adaptive Child, and the legacy of multi-generational trauma.

The Art of Relational Living

10 Modules

Learn how to apply RLT principles to your personal relationships to experience the power of this work for yourself. You will dive deep into the essential skills for building healthy relationships.

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Working with Grandiosity

6 Modules

Learn to work with the “other” self esteem disorder. Explore the theory and treatment for clients struggling with issues of grandiosity.

Working with Infidelity

5 Modules

Discover how RLT approaches infidelity as a catalyst for deeper transformation—in both partners and the relationship as a whole.

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Working with Men

5 Modules

Learn the Relational Life approach to working with some of the most challenging men who come into the therapy room.

Grandiose Women, Shut Down Men

5 Modules

Terry talks a lot about grandiose men, but women can be in the one-up position also. Learn how to work with them effectively in couples therapy.

Multi-generational Trauma

5 Modules

Understand how trauma is passed down from generation to generation and how RLT’s approach to trauma and inner child work can break the chain.

Evolutionary Relationships

7 Modules

Terry and Thomas Hübl guide you through understanding your own and client’s relationship dynamics in order to create deeper, and more intimate partnerships.

Men and Women in Love

5 Modules

Explore the influence of patriarchy on relationships between men and women and how to deconstruct symptoms in couples therapy by deconstructing traditional gender roles.

Love, Sex, and Power

5 Modules

A deep dive into how to help clients navigate the extraordinary complexity and changing landscape of sex and intimacy.

Relational Parenting

5 Modules

Discover the RLT approach to parenting, including how to set limits with compassion, effectively build your child’s self-esteem, and form a robust parental team.

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