Relational Life Therapy is Transforming the Face of Couples Therapy

Relational Life Therapy is Transforming the Face of Couples Therapy

Learn the skills to cultivate more authentic, deeper connections—for yourself and others.
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RLT Certification

The deepest training in RLT to help you excel and build a thriving practice.

Relational Life Therapy Level 1

Learn how to the heart of the problem in couples therapy, identify the vicious circle your clients are stuck in, and help them make substantive changes.

Catapulting Couples to New Levels of Closeness, Trust, and Solidarity

There’s a new way we can relate

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We yearn for deeply meaningful relationships, but many of us lack the skills to realize our dream.We’ve simply never been taught how. And in a world that’s more disconnected than ever, we desperately need to shift into a more relational, connection-cherishing culture—and, as relationship professionals, we’re uniquely positioned to lead the charge. 

Created by leading couples therapist Terry Real, RLT is renowned for sparking profound and lasting transformation in clients by helping them heal their relational trauma and forge fiercely intimate connections with others. RLT educates as much as it heals to equip people with the lifelong tools to live fully-connected, fearlessly authentic lives.

RLT breaks many of the rules of traditional therapy to go deep quickly and help clients make rapid and significant changes. RLT therapists and coaches are real, open, and honest. We set the bar high for our clients. We expect rapid, dramatic change, and to a remarkable degree, we get it.

What Our Graduates
Have To Say

“After 25 years of working as a Psychotherapist and Marriage Counselor I was ready to “hang it all up.” I was more than burnt out. Now, 6 months later, I am reinvested in my work and enjoying it in a brand new way. Renewed energy and enthusiasm for my work has replaced the negativity I was experiencing. Thanks so much RLT!”

— Roseanna Zoubek, LCSW, New Jersey

“The practical and positive approach of RLT has helped my clients see change almost immediately. By weaving past trauma and its impact on relationships and by building new skills together, my clients have expressed new deep and meaningful connections. RLT is not just a training program, it is a community that works in unity to offer ongoing support to therapists as well as clients.”

—  Clare Mézes, MSc, RP, Toronto

“I’ve done all kinds of trainings over the years but never found a model that truly fit for me. I had become “eclectic” in my approach, never really mastering any one approach. I longed for a model that encouraged me to myself—open, authentic, and most importantly, effective. I found my home in RLT.

My practice was already very successful, but since RLT certification, it’s skyrocketed. I had to close my practice to new clients. It’s also allowed me to be more selective about the clients that I work with. And I’m re-energized by the work: I used to be worn out working with couples, but now I love it. Success and making a difference is a powerful antidote to burnout!”

Sig Taylor, MSW, RSW, RMFT, British Columbia

How RLT Works

Healing Relationships Swiftly and Permanently
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Using a range of powerful diagnostic and transformative tools, RLT helps people to first reconnect to themselves—their feelings, needs, and desires—to build a stronger, more intimate connection with their partner.

Step 1: Waking Up

RLT therapists use loving confrontation to wake clients up to their negative behaviors in a direct but compassionate way. We show clients the difficult truths about how they are harming their relationships in a way that builds trust rather than resistance.

Step 2: Healing & Transformation

Swiftly get to the root of negative behaviors, understand them, and overcome them. Unique to RLT, deep trauma and inner child work is done in the presence of the partner. This allows individuals to go deeper and couples to grow closer.

Step 3: Relational Skills For Life

RLT equips people with the powerful tools they need to continue building authentic, healthy relationships long after their time in therapy is over—the key to creating change that lasts.

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RLT Is Perfect For:

Expand Your Offering. Enhance Your Skill Set. Amplify Results.
Therapists & Coaches Looking to Expand Their Offering

Learn how to work effectively with couples and utilize your clients’ relationships as a crucible for individual transformation.

Couples Therapists Looking to Amplify Results

Transform the way you work with couples to help them achieve significant breakthroughs and grow closer at a faster pace.

Other Mental Health Professionals

Deepen your work as a coach, counselor, or social worker with powerful RLT tools.


Learn how to forge more authentic, intimate connections with others.


Dramatically improve your relationship and reconnect with your partner—and yourself.

Learn the Practical, Sophisticated Skills to Transform Relationships and Individuals Profoundly and Permanently

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