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Relational Life Therapy is Transforming the Face of Couples Therapy

Learn the skills to cultivate more authentic, deeper connections—for yourself and others.

Catapulting Couples to New Levels of Closeness, Trust, and Solidarity

We yearn for deeply meaningful relationships, but many of us lack the skills to realize our dream.We’ve simply never been taught how.

And in a world that’s more disconnected than ever, we desperately need to shift into a more relational, connection-cherishing culture—and, as relationship professionals, we’re uniquely positioned to lead the charge. 

Created by leading couples therapist Terry Real, RLT is renowned for sparking profound and lasting transformation in clients by helping them heal their relational trauma and forge fiercely intimate connections with others. RLT educates as much as it heals to equip people with the lifelong tools to live fully-connected, fearlessly authentic lives.

RLT breaks many of the rules of traditional therapy to go deep quickly and help clients make rapid and significant changes. RLT therapists and coaches are real, open, and honest. We set the bar high for our clients. We expect rapid, dramatic change, and to a remarkable degree, we get it.

There’s a new way we can relate

RLT Certification

The deepest training in RLT to help you excel and build a thriving practice.

Couples Experiential Journey

Watch Terry Real work in-depth with one couple over 8 sessions and see how the therapy develops over time.  Starts April 16, 2024

What Our Graduates Have To Say

How RLT Works

Healing Relationships Swiftly and Permanently

Using a range of powerful diagnostic and transformative tools, RLT helps people to first reconnect to themselves—their feelings, needs, and desires—to build a stronger, more intimate connection with their partner.

Step 1:

Waking Up

RLT therapists use loving confrontation to wake clients up to their negative behaviors in a direct but compassionate way. We show clients the difficult truths about how they are harming their relationships in a way that builds trust rather than resistance.

Step 2:

Healing & Transformation

Swiftly get to the root of negative behaviors, understand them, and overcome them. Unique to RLT, deep trauma and inner child work is done in the presence of the partner. This allows individuals to go deeper and couples to grow closer.

Step 3:

Relational Skills For Life

RLT equips people with the powerful tools they need to continue building authentic, healthy relationships long after their time in therapy is over—the key to creating change that lasts.

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RLT Is Perfect For

Expand Your Offering. Enhance Your Skill Set. Amplify Results.

Therapists & Coaches Looking 
to Expand Their Offering

Learn how to work effectively with couples and utilize your clients’ relationships as a crucible for individual transformation.

Couples Therapists Looking 
to Amplify Results

Transform the way you work with couples to help them achieve significant breakthroughs and grow closer at a faster pace.

Other Mental Health Professionals

Deepen your work as a coach, counselor, 
or social worker with powerful RLT tools.

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Learn how to forge more authentic, intimate connections with others.


Dramatically improve your relationship and reconnect with your partner—and yourself.

Learn the Practical, Sophisticated Skills to Transform Relationships and Individuals Profoundly and Permanently

Master RLTFor…

Your Career

Learn to work confidently with even the most challenging cases with the deepest training in the Relational Life Therapy model from leading therapist Terry Real.

Your Relationship

In RLT, therapists aren’t above clients as experts, nor are we simply facilitators. We’re right there in the thick of it with them, sharing our own experiences of relational living to inspire, motivate, and build trust.
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