How To Show Yourself Unconditional Love

Learn how to hold yourself warmly despite your imperfections and reconnect to your inherent worth in the free 90-minute training.

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LIVE on Wednesday October 18, 12–1:30pm ET

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“Your essential worth is neither greater nor lesser than that of any other human being. It can’t be. Self-esteem is about being, not doing. You have worth simply because you’re alive.”

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There is No Redeeming Value in Harshness

There is nothing harshness does that loving firmness doesn’t do better. Yet many of us launch into unforgiving self-attack when we make a mistake or don’t live up to our own expectations.

When has that ever helped anyone? 

So why do we do it? And how can we stop it? That’s what you’ll learn in this free training…

Too often, we look to others to determine our worth…

When they approve of us, we feel good, and when they’re upset with us, we feel worthless. 

Or sometimes we base our value on our performance at work, our possessions, or accomplishments… 

None of that is real self-esteem. 

The truth is that we are all born with essential worth. We can’t add to or subtract from it: no amount of accolades you gain (or lose) changes that. Instead of looking for external approval or possessions, we need to switch the focus to our internal experience.

We must learn to love ourselves even in the face of our imperfections

That’s real self-esteem, and it’s a rare and cultivated skill that not many possess…

But the good news is that, with practice, you can change your relationship with yourself in much the same way you can change your relationships with others.

You just need the right teacher…Join leading therapist and bestselling author Terry Real for this FREE 90-minute training to get started on your path to cultivating healthier self-esteem that comes from the inside-out.

This Training Is for You If…

You’re struggling with feelings of low self-worth, perhaps feeling like you’re not as deserving of happiness, love, or success as others.

You fear making mistakes and speak harshly to yourself when you slip up.

You find yourself thinking critically about others and want to work towards a more encouraging mindset.

You’re a therapist or other mental health professional looking to better understand techniques for building healthy self-esteem in your clients.

Who Is Terry Real?

Terry Real, creator of Relational Life Therapy

Terry Real is an internationally recognized family therapist, bestselling author, and sought-after speaker.

A former senior faculty member of the Family Institute of Cambridge in Massachusetts and a retired Clinical Fellow of the Meadows Institute in Arizona, Terry is renowned for his ability to save couples on the brink of divorce using the progressive approach he created, Relational Life Therapy. RLT equips people with the powerful relational skills they need to cultivate meaningful connections—to themselves, each other, and the planet as a whole.

His original insights on couples therapy, relationships, and men’s issues have been featured in outlets from Oprah and Vogue to The Today Show and CNN. His latest book is the New York Times bestseller, US: Getting Past You and Me to Build a More Loving Relationship.

What People say:

“When I need advice, I call Terry Real. His decades of clinical experience, research, and wisdom are invaluable to my patients, colleagues, and friends.”

— Esther Perel, New York Times bestselling author and podcast host of Where Should We Begin

“Real’s approach teaches us how to step outside of the culture of individualism and embrace our interconnectedness. We can use it to heal a single relationship and to shift our collective culture.”

– Gwyneth Paltrow, founder and CEO of goop

“Terry Real’s work is nothing short of miraculous… His work has quite simply changed my life. Read this book. It could well change yours.”

— Bradley Cooper, actor and filmmaker

Join the FREE live training on Wednesday October 18, 12–1:30pm ET and learn how to shift from self-attack to self-compassion. 
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