Embark on a Transformational Path To Build a More Loving Relationship With Yourself

Join leading therapist Terry Real for a 5-part online course to help you shift from judgment and harshness to acceptance and compassion—toward yourself and others.

1. Understand…

Where your sense of worth comes from and how your early experiences influence your self-esteem in the present.

2. Heal…

Your relationship with your inner critic, learn to handle it with loving firmness, and replace it with something more compassionate.

3. Transform…

Master the skills to hold yourself lovingly despite your imperfections and cultivate a healthy relationship with yourself for life.

Here’s An Overview of Everything You Get In Real Self-Esteem

5 recorded 90-minute Classes with Terry Real
2 LIVE Bonus Classes with Julie Rudiger from the RLT Faculty
Lifetime Access to The Class Recordings and Course Material
Refer back to the material as many times as you need to help you make real self-esteem a lifelong practice.

What You’ll Learn

Class 1 - What We Will Cover:

Explore the difference between self-esteem and self-confidence and understand how our sense of self is formed. Terry will also lead a powerful meditation live to support your inner child healing. 

In this opening class, you’ll discover:

  • What healthy self-esteem means.
  • The 3 forms of unhealthy self-esteem common in Western culture: 
    • Other-based
    • Performance-based 
    • Attribute-based
  • Carried Shame (generational legacies)
  • Loyalty issues: Leaving your parents behind
Live with Terry Real
Live with Terry Real

Class 2 - What We Will Cover:

Uncover what’s holding you back from a healthy relationship with yourself. You’ll delve into the impact of your early childhood experiences and how they’re affecting your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors in the present.

You’ll explore:

  • The biology of self attack: Our brain’s negativity bias.
  • The 3 things that get in the way of healthy self-esteem:
    • Shame & Grandiosity: Can your self-esteem be too high? Why healthy self-esteem isn’t just pumping yourself up to be “better than” others. 
    • Trauma: Understanding the impact of childhood relational trauma on your self-esteem.
    • Harshness: Explore the negative cumulative impact of harshness (to ourselves and others) on our self-esteem. 
Live with Terry Real
Live with Terry Real

Class 3 - What We Will Cover:

Get to know your stress adaptations: how you behave under stress. Uncover—and begin to heal—the unhealthy coping mechanisms you developed that once kept you protected, but now hinder connection in your adult life. 

You’ll explore:

  • How your Family of Origin affects your sense of self.
  • The Relationship Grid: Understand your default response during stress.
  • Description is Prescription: Where you are tells you where to go.

Relational Mindfulness: How to shift out of your default response into something calmer.

Live with Terry Real
Live with Terry Real

Class 4 - What We Will Cover:

Once you’ve identified and understood your stress responses, it’s time to heal them. In this class, you’ll learn how to replace negative self-talk with compassion, warmth, and accountability. 

You’ll explore:

  • Handling your inner critic: How to change your negative internal tape.
  • Inner child work: How and when to work with your inner child, including the importance of providing nurture, guidance, and limits. 
  • How to change your self-talk to support healthy self-esteem.
Live with Terry Real
Live with Terry Real

Class 5 - What We Will Cover:

Our final class prepares you for lifelong healthy self-esteem. You’ll equip yourself with the tools to continue cultivating a better relationship with yourself and feel comfortable in your own skin.

You’ll explore:

  • The difference between Shame and Remorse: How to “get over yourself” when you make a mistake. 
  • How to catch yourself quicker in a negative thought spiral, so you can halt harsh self-talk. 
  • How to be in your Wise Adult self so you can learn from your mistakes and turn mistakes into opportunities for growth.
Live with Terry Real
Live with Terry Real

Class 1: What is REAL Self-Esteem?

Class 2: What Gets in the Way of Healthy Self-Esteem?

Class 3: Practices for Restoring Inherent Self-Esteem

Class 4: Love Your Inner Child, Handle Your Inner Critic

Class 5: Long term practices for healthy self esteem