An invitation to join the new RLT Certification

I am proud to announce that my team and I created a wonderful, deep certification program and I want to invite you to join our thriving community of RLT therapists and practitioners around the world. Please watch the video and apply today (3min) to learn more!

Apply now to join us and receive all details about the RLT Certification, such as all the included courses, timing of the training, cost and payment plans. The application will only take you 3 minutes and you will have the option to speak to someone from my team for any further questions.

Leading Figures on Terry Real

“When I need advice, I call Terry Real. His decades of clinical experience, research, and wisdom are invaluable to my patients, colleagues, and friends.”

— Esther Perel

New York Times bestselling author and podcast host of Where Should We Begin

“Real’s approach teaches us how to step outside of the culture of individualism and embrace our interconnectedness. We can use it to heal a single relationship and to shift our collective culture.”

— Gwyneth Paltrow

founder and CEO of goop

“Terry helps reawaken couples who seem trapped in a long-term stalemate and allows them to move toward growth and fuller Selfhood.”

— Richard Schwartz

originator of Internal Family Systems

What Others Say About Terry’s Teaching

“Terry Real helps overturn old-fashioned, confining roles and opens up a treasury of hope for lasting and exciting intimacy for couples everywhere.”

— Edward Hallowell, M.D., author of Crazy Busy

“Some of the things I love about Terry Real and his work are the practical steps, down-to-earth guidance and his model of having the courage and respect to be honest with couples when one partner is behaving in a way that needs to be addressed first.”

— Rachel M.

“Terry, you are an absolute gift to the the mental health community. “

— David Feder, MSW, RSW, CSAT, Close Connections, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

“Before learning Terry Real’s model I’d work with couples to problem-solve their dilemmas of the day. I always had misgivings about the long-term potential of my work because I didn’t know how to move in deeper to address with them their relational processes. Now, having Terry’s model for teaching clients healthy relating, I have guidelines to help them perform the modest miracle of personal transformation on a permanent level. “

— R.D.

“You have lots of ideas that are very useful with couple work – particularly with the male client. I love your stuff about gender discourses and boundaries, asking clearly for what you need from your partner.”

— Claire O

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