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*** Please read all of the details below before committing to the Couples Experiential. ***

It is your responsibility to be aware of these important details. We do not want any couple to be uninformed.

What is the Couples Experiential?
The Couples Experiential is an intensive online two-day workshop for couples taught exclusively by Terry Real.

This workshop has been designed to help couples begin the healing and recovery process to enable deep, intimate connection.

How will it work?
Terry will work one by one with each couple on their biggest relationship challenges. Drawing on his forty years of experience helping couples “on the brink,” Terry will use his revolutionary Relational Life Therapy approach to work deeply with each couple.

This workshop provides couples with more one-to-one attention from Terry than the Relationship Boot Camp while also maintaining the power of the group format.

Spaces are limited to five couples, and all couples must attend both days. Please note that the workshop is online only.

Workshop Hours
The workshop runs from 10am – 4pm Eastern Time on the first day and may start earlier or later on the second. This is a live event so timing may fluctuate due to the work, so please allow flexibility in your schedule.

Video Recordings
The event will be recorded and Terry may ask your permission to use parts of the footage in future trainings.

After registration, you will receive a video release form that must be signed and returned to us prior to the workshop. The recordings will be for Terry’s private and professional training usage and will not be made public.

We invite our therapist trainees to observe the workshop, and a large audience of therapists (500+) will be attending as silent observers. They will be muted, not visible, and not participate in the workshop. Therapists are bound by strict ethics and confidentiality guidelines, however, it is your responsibility to be aware of the process, we require all couples to be aware of observation prior to attending.

Cancellation Policy
Due to very limited enrollment, we enforce the following policy: $500 is non-refundable. However, you may move to another training or workshop with no penalty. We cannot issue refunds four weeks or less prior to the event.

Couples Experiential - Couples

6 – 7 April, 2023

REQUIRED SIGNATURE BEFORE PURCHASE: Release Form Agreement. Anyone not signing the attached release form will not be considered registered. All couples are required to complete and sign this form before purchasing.
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